Duct unit multi-zone heat pump CTBU

Duct unit multi-zone heat pump CTBU


CCAU3-09HRFN1-M(C) 9K Btu/H

CCAU3-12HRFN1-M(C) 12K Btu/H

CCAU3-18HRFN1-M(C) 18K Btu/H

MCD-24HRFN1-M(W) 24K Btu/H

  • Installs in the ceiling for a discrete look.
  • Air intake located at rear or underside to meet different installation needs.
  • Fresh Air function brings in outside air without having to use the heating or cooling modes.
  • Simple filter maintenance (optional).
  • Integrated condensation pump.
  • Remote control and wall control included.