The air inside your home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside!  Today’s homes are air tight and consume less energy which means that polluted air that used to escape through gaps around windows and doors are now kept inside the house and can affect your family’s health.

Heat Recovery Ventilators

Heat recovery ventilator units (HRV), as their name implies, recover part of the heat from the polluted air being expelled from your home to heat the cold air coming in.  Heat recovery ventilators with recirculation have the same function but with the option to recirculate indoor air only, bypassing the outside air intake.  This feature can be useful for example when you want to distribute the heat generated by a fireplace in the living room to your whole house using your HRV.

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Range Hoods

For more than 15 years, Direct Air offers many indoor air quality solutions with our heat recovery air exchangers and our high efficiency air filters.  It is only natural to also offer a selection of range hoods to eliminate cooking odors and keep a healthy environment.

Our models will meet your ventilation needs while blending in with your kitchen design.  No matter what your selection criteria; performance, quiet operation, use with gas range, easy cleaning and maintenance, there is a model adapted to your needs.   With a Direct Air range hood, whether it be from our Grand Chef Series for Island or wall installation, from our Select Series installed under cabinets or the built-in model from the Evolution Series, you get the best quality/performance/cost ratio available plus peace of mind thanks to our 5 year warranty on ventilation motors and one year on parts.  All our products are listed cETLus.

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Bathroom fans

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